Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Drop-Ins - week of Nov 26th

It was such a busy week that we are behind with our blog posts...
Last week saw two fun Drop-In sessions on Wednesday and Friday.  During our outdoor morning we set up pipes with the wood blocks and invited children to explore using small balls and cars.  We also played a fun number game using basketballs and pylons.  The children were given open-ended challenges such as:

"Knock down a number bigger than 2 and smaller than 5."

"Hit the number that is one more than 3."  

"Knock over an even number."

The children were also given a chance to 'Be the Teacher' and practiced giving instructions to their friends - a great way to develop communication skills!

Earlier in the week we heard 3 stories during our Drop-In Literacy Morning and did several activities to develop language and pre-writing skills.

 Our Early Literacy Morning is every Wednesday and our Outdoor Drop-In is every Friday 8:45~12:00.  

Everyone is welcome!

20 Fifth St.

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