Friday, December 12, 2014

Week of Dec 8th 2014

This week during our Early Literacy Drop-In we played Musical Letters.  The chairs were set up in a circle, each with an alphabet letter.  The children danced around the letters to the drum music - when the drumming stopped the children had to write their letter on a white board.  These boys were motivated and managed to practice writing lots of letters while having some fun! 

During our story circle we heard a Christmas story about a girl who asked for 3 gifts: one small gift, one medium gift and one large gift. 

̓eekoo ƛ̓eekoo' to 
Jacqueline for sharing her music.

We also had a great time during our Outdoor Drop-In - we started with some physical work, tracing around tires and making patterns.  Young children need a great deal of practice using their whole body to make marks, it is an important step in being able to write smaller with pencil on paper.

After all of this writing we decided to move the tires to see our patterns.  The children immediately noticed that our marks looked like a snowman.  This motivated us to add some details as well as create a second snowman out of found objects in our playground!

Happy Holidays everyone!

We will have our last week of Drop-Ins for the year next week:

Early Literacy Morning on Wednesday 8:45-12:00

Outdoor Drop-In on Friday 8:45-10:00

Everyone is welcome!

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