Thursday, November 6, 2014

Raven Steals the Sun

A big thank you to our Literacy Lady, Donna, for bringing in so many props for our story-telling session on Wednesday.  Stories are always so much more engaging when children have real-life objects to touch and feel.  Today we spent some time sharing ideas about where light comes from, why light is important as well as how we might feel if we had no light.

During our activity centres we used salt trays to draw characters from Elder Ellen White's Raven Steals the Sun story - this is a great way to hear what details children remember from the story and we worked on our patterning skills.  We also took some time to sit, share and read books alongside our stuffed animals.  Three stories a day that's the way!

Interested educators can always visit our Growing Up to Read blog for reflections on our teaching practise.

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