Thursday, November 13, 2014

Early Literacy Drop In - November 12th

Donna, the Literacy Lady, was here on Fifth St. for our Wednesday morning drop-in.  She shared Elder Mabel Mitchell's version of "When Seagull Stole the Sun."  The boys and girls were re-introduced to the characters and we all learned some hul'qumi'num words to go along with the story.

Each week during our Early Literacy Drop-In the children are invited to do some centre activities that are related to the stories we have learned.   It's a great way for boys and girls to playfully explore and understand stories in more detail.  

Story-telling teaches children of all ages about communication skills, about emotions and allows them to build their vocabulary.  This week we made sea-urchins using play dough and toothpicks.  We also did some alphabet sewing and some sponge painting!  

Visit our Educator's blog for more information about this lesson.

Please come by next Wednesday for another Early Literacy Drop-In 8:45-12:00.  
Circle time is at 9:45 ~ on Wednesday November 19th, our friend Jacqueline will be here drumming and singing.

Everyone is welcome!

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