Friday, November 14, 2014

Outdoor play morning - Nov.14th

Today during our Outdoor Drop-In we use water to paint words and pictures on the pavement.  This is an easy way for  children to develop hand and arm muscles needed for writing.  We also add numbers and a dice to the environment - our visitors threw balls at the numbers.
"This is a fun game!"

The logs were also out today and the children used dump trucks to transport the wood.  Their play evolved as they used their imagination to plan what they would build.  Following the lead of our learners we will add some hard hats and clipboard to the area.
"I'm a worker.  Let's pretend
my hat is a hard hat!"

Come and join us outside every Friday morning 8:45-10:00am.
On Friday November 21st we will have a guest drummer!

Rain or Shine!

Everyone is welcome.

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